T-Shirts Available

Become a member of the Reef Raff team!  Get yourself a Florida Hawksbill Project Reef Raff T-shirt for your $25 donation to the Florida

Hawksbill Project at the Palm Beach Zoo.  Contact larry@floridahawksbills.com



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  I am glad to report that the Hawksbill Project has been very productive this summer!  As was detailed in the previous post, any opportunity to retrieve and reuse a

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The Florida Hawksbill Project has now joined forces with the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation of Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  The Foundation has been a strong supporter of the Hawksbill

News and Updates

Over the last few weeks, we have been actively seeking the turtles that have been carrying transmitters.  The devices have been functioning well and sending data daily, but are soon